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Bistromarkt.de is a market place for exquisite products with aim to supply the modern gastronomy with high quality and unique products. As an independent manufacturer, our focus is on the marketing and distribution of our own products, alongside related products whose design, quality and functionality also offer a special experience. We present this service after close networking with customers and suppliers, best expressed by the motto "together, we can achieve more."


Bistromarkt.de is a brand of Bistrozucker H&V GmbH


 The company was founded in 1990 and is the pioneer of stick packaging in Europe. Since its inception, Der Bistrozuck­er follows the theme of col­or, shape and product design, combined with the highest quality of materials and workmanship. Packaging in the form of object neutral applied art and as a self pro­mo­tio­n­al tool is an essential criteria of the company.


Website and brands

Bistrozucker - www.bistrozucker.de

Bistrotea - www.bistrotea.com

Bistrobiscuit - www.bistrobiscuit.de